Friday, October 26, 2012

NOTICE: Readers, can you help?

My mediafire account was hacked.  All the files were deleted.  Links coming from that account will not function.  I've been trying to gather copies of all the files that were deleted.  I had copies of some on my hard drive, but there are quite a few that I'm missing.  If you've got copies of any of the missing files send me your email address via the comments function (comments are moderated so your email address will not appear on my blog).  It would be a great help to other parents and teachers out there.

Thank you so much,

Jamie Sue


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of this happening to you. The best of luck in resolving all issues!
Ellen, Wichita, Ks.

Lisa said...

I have been trying to download a "what monkey" book from your blog that looks amazing. . .but it won't let me. Is this why? I'm so sorry that happened to you. I found you through Pinterest and I would love to see your "Wh" Monkey books.

Lisa said...

I was trying to download your "what monkey" book- it looks amazing. Is this why I can't? I'm so sorry you lost some of your files. I hope you get them back! I found your blog through Pinterest. I'm an early childhood special education teacher and your materials look very helpful! It is hard to find things for "wh" questions at the preschool level.

best of luck,

Beth said...

I have your what and when monkey books. I would really love the where, why and who ones!! My class of special needs students loves em.

Jamie Austin said...

Beth, I would love it if you could email me copies of the files you have. I've searched my hard drive up and down for What Monkey and can't find it. Jamiesueaustin

Sally said...

Hi Jamie,
Check your gmail account . I think I have some files I downloaded from your wonderful site, I am so sorry you were hacked. Good luck with your endeavors

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the way back machine?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I recently found the "when monkey" on my computer. Would you like me to email to you?

Jamie Austin said...

Jackie, yes please do email me this file! :) This is Stephanie (temp admin, full time Jamie-sister.) So that I can add it to the list of books that I can at least email to those interested until the site is back in full swing and fully functional. Thank you. or if you prefer, Jamie is still reachable through email at

Thanks! :)

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