Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Free Printable Halloween Potion Bottle Labels

Halloween Bottle LabelsIt's been killing me to wait till October 1st to write a post about Halloween. But, I firmly believe in avoiding holiday creep (I saw stores selling Halloween decorations next to their back to school supplies!) and must practice what I preach.

I'm glad the wait is over! If have found some AWESOME Halloween bottle labels that you can use in your Halloween decor.

These printable potion labels look great on old jars of random liquids and objects. If you've never made potion bottles for Halloween check out these pages featuring canned Halloween monstrosities and witches kitchens for inspiration.

There are several ways to approach Halloween potion making. You can go ultra creepy, kitschy, cutesy, or full out gross. You can make the labels and jars completely decorative or you can label the spices and containers in your own kitchen. Either way you'll have lots of fun printing out these labels and flexing your imagination.

If you are looking for some cutesy printable Halloween bottle labels with a little country flair and bold, bright colors then you want to visit Phee's Wondrous Potions for your oh so important Decoction of Molified Dragon Scales and Jellied Eye Balls. What witches brew would be complete without Red Tufted Spiders in Space Jelly?

A touch of realism is what pushes the standard Halloween celebration over the edge from a costumed party to a fiendish creeptacular spookfest. Put a little fear into your spice cabinet with these awesome printable vintage poison labels from Spookshows. You can also find poison labels in the Vintage photos and Ephemera photo set at Flckr.

Do you want to add your own flavor text to your creations? BeadyEyeBat has some great printable Halloween bottle labels for writing on.

Of course, I saved the best for last. Do you want something old and crusty, scary and delightful with a victorian feel that's worthy for a real witches ingredient list? Do you want to be thrilled and delighted by some sweet graphic design? Then you want to visit Love Manor's Flickr photo set of potion labels. And while you checking out the Love Manor labels take some time to visit the Love Manor official site for more Halloween inspiration.

I would love to see some of the creations you make with these labels!


Laura said...

I'd love to relabel the milk carton with a large label...I have a growing son with a bottomless stomach pit that eats ceral 5 times a day if you'll let him...we're always out of milk!

ForKeeps said...

This is such a great idea

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Excellent!! I'm hosting a party this weekend, and I'm going to use all of these resources-- Thanks!!

i am very mary said...

Thanks for this great compilation!

human pheromones said...

On this coming Halloween for this year, I am so interested to make a potion bottle label its sounds fun to me. Keep posting!


Janvi said...

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