Sunday, August 17, 2008

Printable Why Question Book for Children with Autism

Printable Book Why Questions Children AutismChildren with autism often struggle with "wh" questions like Who, What, Where, and Why.  My son struggles with all of these, but I think his not being able to understand "why" is the most frustrating for both of us. There are books out there designed to teach children with autism to answer "wh" questions.  My son's speech therapist uses the Buddy Bear books from Lingui Systems.  They are kind of expensive so I decided to make my own versions of them.

My son's nick name is Monkey so the main character is a monkey and since it was written for him it addresses come common occurrences in our house, but it should still be of some use for others.  The book addresses three "why" scenarios:  "Why" Monkey wants an object, "Why" Monkey is wearing an item, and "Why" Monkey has a particular thing.

This is an interactive book.  On the last two pages are images for you to cut out.  You are to have the child apply the appropriate image to the story as you read it.  I recommend laminating the story pages and cut outs and using velcro dots to attach the pieces to the story.

Printable Why Question Book for Children with Autism  PDF

If you need this in another format let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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