Saturday, April 19, 2014

Printable Mini-Books In Both English & Espanol

Here is a short list of Spring, Bible, and just for fun mini-books that I have found that may come in handy as something to keep the little ones occupied while the Easter Bunny does his thing in the backyard! :)  They are in my opinion a great basket stuffer!  The links are below, and a special  thank you too DLTK-KIDS.COM for the free printables! :)

Aquí está una lista corta de primavera, la Biblia, y sólo por diversión mini-libros que he encontrado que puede ser útil como algo para mantener a los pequeños ocupados mientras que el Conejo de Pascua hace lo suyo en el patio trasero! :)  Están en mi opinión una gran embutidora de la cesta! Los enlaces que se encuentran por debajo, y un agradecimiento especial también DLTK-KIDS.COM para los printables gratis! :)

"Mommy Bird" 

And for my bilingual families I went over to see our friends at ONLINEFREESPANISH.COM and grabbed up this cute mini-book/I spy game. Enjoy!

Y para mis familias bilingües que fui a ver a nuestros amigos de ONLINEFREESPANISH.COM y cogí este juego lindo mini-libro / Veo, veo. Disfrute!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Free Printable "Punch-Buggy Tally" and "License Plate Game" Roadtrip Games

Dreading that crazy cross-country/town trip with the kids screaming their heads off and fighting over who crossed the invisible line into the other ones unmarked-yet-very-real territory?  Why not entertain them (while sneaking in a Math and/or learn-the-name-of-the-states lesson) with one or both of these car games?
(These two projects alone can keep two sets of hands busy at one time...just saying)

"Punch Buggy" was a favorite in our family when I was young, except we called it "Slug-Bug", and no one was allowed to slug the driver or anyone sleeping!  Above is a link to a tally game with a few different rules.  The score keeper puts a tally mark for every time a "punch buggy" is spotted  (the color still get's called out by who ever sees it first, in in many cases 3 or more people at the same time) and  it gets logged and no one gets hit.  Good idea, yes? I thought it was. Plus you can up the ante by having everyone "bet" on what color you will see more of along the road, winner gets  ___agreed upon prize___.

I snagged this list of the 50 states in alphabetical order (easier to track the state's name) for the "License Plate" game.  No need to try to count all of the states in your head and lose track, just mark them off as you go!  See a license plate from my home state of Kentucky, scratch it off the list, Florida, marked off!  Then when you get to where you are going just count the marked off states. Done.  ((Note: Printing one? Print two.  Most road trips are two-way trips!))

Slip-in Luggage Tags

Luggage Tag Slip-in Cards

There are 6 styles, 9 tags/cards on this one page PDF file.  There should be a design to please just everyone in your crew. :) And it's as simple as: download/open, print, cut.  Fill in the necessary information on your chosen tag then just slip it into the luggage tag holder that hangs from your luggage handle.  If your luggage has no tag holder blank clear plastic ones are fairly inexpensive at chain stores or local grocers, and some pharmacies.   Or, one could always be a super thrift like me and laminate the filled out card, use a hole punch on the middle left hand side and then slip a pull-tie right on through there and bingo...baggage tag! :)      

These are standard sized. (2.35" X 4.16")                                    

The Unauthorized Walking Dead (AMC) Fan Crafting Extravaganza!

AMC's WALKING DEAD  fans seem to be everywhere!  When I log into my Facebook account I see 10 memes looking me dead in the eye everyday.  So, I say to myself (as I am prone to do), "Self, these folks really do miss this show! We have do something to help them over this hump..., after all October is a long way off from April!" (Yes, I do talk to myself in EXTREME third person.)  So, here is me helping friends...

This one is awesome and tricky (only tricky if you are wanting to print.) Want to CREATE YOUR OWN WALKING DEAD MEME? <--------just click there!  These fan-created memes are actually to entered into a contest but if you would like to print before you enter simply create your fantastic meme (pick a picture, name it, caption it), and just before you submit it place your cursor (mouse arrow) over the picture, right click on the image and choose the print option.  After printing remember to submit your meme.  You just might be the next big winner! :)

This one is almost cute.  It falls into our "EXTREME PRINTABLES" catagory.  This is a 3-D Paper Desk Zombie. How cool is that?!?!  Even better than him being sort of cute in a really gross way is that his mouth goes up and down to chew! Clever, huh?

Now for my favorite (it comes from a children's site (, but you will get the drift of it...Here are some FLOWERS THAT YOU SHOULD NOT STOP TO SMELL.  It is a very easy print, cut, place craft.  I couldn't find an acceptable printable put for these flowers, so I whipped one up, here's the link for that --->Printable Flower Pot PDF.  These will set flat, like to hang on the refrigerator or wall.  Still cute though, and I right?!?!

Making all of these crafts can take some time...and that is a good thing...October is still 4 months away!...I suggest making A LOT of these!!! :)


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Origami Bulldog Bookmark and Darling Corgi

 Bulldog Instructions

These super adorable little guys are going to be so much fun to make! I am psyched!  The links posted beside the pictures lead to video directions on how to do each craft individually. 

On the page for the bulldog Jessica (the lady over at HOWABOUTORANGE.BLOGSPOT.COM) says that she used a  5'" square craft paper envelope to have the brown color on both sides of the paper.  I have 2 separate links below for this project (in case you needed them) of textured paper one is like the paper bag style above, the other is a nice marbled grey.  One could print the "scrapbook paper" on both sides for the solid effect. (or use a piece of paper bag...)

 For the corgi it seems that orange and one side and white on the other side seemed to be a must! I have found the loveliest vintage style orange textured paper, you will find the link below.  Of course this color would only have to printed on one side as to leave the blank or white on the back to give this cutie her/his white accents.

Free Homework Rewards Punch Card and Prize Currency Printables

Okay, I have two wonderful nieces that are both in elementary school (well 4 wonderful nieces, 3 in elementary school but this soap-box ranting is related to only 2 of them), one doesn't like to turn in her homework, and the other is grossly lacking  proper economical terms.

My Shelley (the youngest of the two and in the second grade) doesn't like to do and/or turn in homework (sometimes it's done, but sits in her backpack for a week!)  For her I have created these cute little punch cards.  There is a place for her name, an encouraging text, and when all ten of the stars are "punched" (like those coffee or buffet cards we get at popular restaurants and cafes) then she may turn in that card for whatever prize is set for that goal (or a dip into the "treasure" box!)
((NOTE:  I keep an old boot box of left over party favors, stocking stuffers and stuff that I have scored from 50 cent machines...and waalaa instant TREASURE BOX!))


This is what each card looks like; there are nine cards on each page.  I am going to use some cheap card stock that I have piled up, and since I do not have a proper hole punch at the moment I think that I will put a dot with a black marker, or sign my initials (like that do the ones from the chinese buffet down the street form me at lunch time) for each day she does AND turns in her homework (she has an "agenda" where her teacher makes notes for when things are not turned in.) Teachers could use them too as an incentive to get students to actually turn in homework! :)

The next item up for grabs can be used by mom's at home, or teachers at school, and we must not forget all of  the mom's that teach at home...:) Anyhow, this is "PRIZE CURRENCY" that can be earned by doing homework, chores, going to bed on time, brushing teeth, what-have-you.  There is a TON of printable "Prize Money" to be found on the internet, but mine specifically do not say "MONEY", I used the word "CURRENCY" and I did this for a reason!!!  Phyllisity, the third grader looked at me like I was speaking an alien language to her a few days ago when I told her that the gold dollar that she got from the tooth fairy were in fact actually American currency.  She then asks me with a squirrelled-up face, "What is 'currency'?" I thought that I would fall over! She is in the third grade and has social studies, math, and vocabulary lessons at school; how has she never heard this word?!?


With all that said, here is the "currency" that we are going to use at home.  Hopefully she can not only learn the value of working hard to earn said "currency" but maybe it will broaden her vocabulary as well!!!
There are 6 notes per page.  I'm not sure if card stock , regular old printer paper or a nice glossy would be my pick for this project.  I guess that your budget, what you have in stock, or your fancy can lead you to decide which is best for you and yours on this one! :)

Maybe that "Treasure Box" can come in handy again for this project.  Simply put a "price" on things inside.  Or maybe one could have a "Prize Closet", or currency could be exchanged for a trip to the skate park, or a "stay-up-15-extra-minutes-at-bed-time" pass (might be best if there was a "non-school-night-only-clause" on this one)'s limitless and up to you, so set your price! :)

Thank you all for stopping by and tolerating my rants!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cute Postal Worker Puppies Download

Have a favorite person at your local post office? Someone who is extra nice when you need a penny for a stamp?  Your delivery man/woman always have a nice smile, even when it's drizzling and the snow is still on the ground and they've walked in it ten blocks before they got to your yard? Just want something cute for yourself?

You can get these cuties together of individually at **.

The images are large enough that you could print them on iron-on paper and make a cute t-shirt, or you could leave them that size or reduce them (you save the image after all, play with the size if you need to) and use them for a nice card; after all July 1st is NATIONAL POSTAL WORKER DAY!

PS. It's always on July 1st, no need to google that if you are seeing this years form today...4/16/14 :)

Printable Karaoke Request Slips

My friend Stephanie was looking for printable karaoke song request slips.  I didn't find anything online worth using, so I made her some.

**And then the evil mediafire bandit destroyed them! So, Stephanie made these...sorry that there is only 11 per page, but they are cute! :)

Come and get 'em!

Printable Karaoke Request Slips in PDF


As Jamie can tell you, I have always had a thing for men who are a tad very GEEK-TACULAR!  If you knew my husband then you may doubt this statement....I didn't say that I could get a man who is geek-tacular to marry me; I said I had a thing for (But that was before I met my wonderful husband, who was made perfectly for me, and I never look at any other men like matter how awesomely dorky they look...,just in case he's looking)  ((wink))  But seriously, have you ever seen a paper bow tie? Pure "awesomesauce" I say!

Printable Clothing, Paper Craft Bow, Making A Bow Tie
Make A Paper Bow Tie
Can't you just see him or yourself (men, women, bow ties are not particular as to who wears them, and you may be a man reading this post...I cannot assume that only women read our page) wearing this super classy piece of paper clothing!?!  Do us all a favor and ROCK THAT PAPER BOW TIE TO YOUR NEXT BIG FUNCTION!  Not only is is cost effective, it can be made any color or pattern you choose, and besides being a cool conversation piece it may help to make you/him/her/ya'll appear to be smart(er)....just saying.... ((wink, wink))

 (I know..., I used "ya'll" and "smarter" in the same sentence..., maybe I should wear them...daily.)

Anyhoo, go show the world who is really "BRINGING SEXY BACK!"

PS. I am also sharing some links for some free printable scrapbook paper and other full page designs that I think may be just the patterns to make this thing POP!

But feel free to use any solid or print that you may already have or dig something up on-line that suites you..but please oh please make it uniquely you and have fun! :)

Bear In A Hot Air Balloon Growth Chart

growth chart, teddy bear, printable growth chart

Now isn't that about the cutest little thing that you ever did see?!?  I was looking up some "extreme paper crafts" and I found this. But fear not my friends, for this is not a super hard craft!  
This uber-cute printable growth chart is more paper and ink than anything.  There is a two page download with very specific directions, and it takes seven pieces of paper (I would use card stock or a glossy.)
 That's it!

I do believe that this would brighten up just about any play room, bedroom, bathroom wall or classroom!  It is my personal opinion that this would make a lovely gift for a little tyke, elementary school teacher or  Mother's Day gift for any mom out there with kids under 140 cm (4 1/2 feet) tall! :)


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