Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Taking "TBT" Back To The 80's

Throwing back to the days of my youth...the AWESOME 80's!  

Today we have up for grabs some really cool royalty free clipart that that may be able to be done up as an iron-on, or use it on some good ol' stationary, or put it on any craft!  It's cool!  Here there's the link Dude: Old School Joystick Clipart  *I don't have a picture up for it..but it is exactly what it says.  It has the words "Old School" and a clipart pic of a joystick...This Rocks!!!

Movin' on down the line we have this lovely sheet of cassettes...What are you ever going to do with that?..I don't know! But when you figure it out make one for me too! (or at least share a picture or tell us about it or something)   ;) 

And last, but surely not least.....dadadadumm...Oh yes, a black and white full page of pacman ghosties!!!....Like Totally Rad Man!..Give me five, on the side, in the whole....LOL..anyhow, here they are : PacMan Ghost Paper . Use these to wrap a Throw-Back-thursday gift for a co-worker, scrapbook paper-time, use them as a mat for a photo craft or make on of those paper bowties that are really hard to make, but really-totally-super-bad-awesomely awesome!..have fun with it! :)

Free Printable Vintage Perfume Bottle Labels

Perfume Bottle Label, Vintage Labels, Bottle Labels

These cute little labels can make nice decorations pasted onto empty/antique/odd shaped bottles on a dresser top, or to jazz up a shelf in the bathroom, or as a really cute gag gift, the possibilities are limitless, and they all promise to drawl attention! :)

Water Proof Water Bottle Labels

Let's cut out of some of the bickering this summer, "Sally is drinking my water!", "No, it's MINE!", "NOOOO IT'S NOOOOT!", "Prove it!" (did she just stick her tongue out!?!)

Okay, we all know that it is important to keep hydrated year round, but especially when it is hot!  And your kids (or the kids that you have around that don't belong to you but you are sure that you should get a tax break for because they obviously don't have a home outside of yours) are probably just like my nieces; they don't get why you have to drink water when you just get out of the were just IN water, right?!?! LOL Anyhow, but then there is the huge fight over who had the dented bottle, who's was fuller, etc.
The INSANITY stops here! (okay, this fixes only one of those issues; it's still on you to explain why they still need to drink plenty of fluids.)

This download is a editable template so that you can name the owner, name the drink, what have you.  Make it fun too, like maybe saying "Harold's H2O" or "Jackie's Jammin' Juice" (there is no rule saying that this can only be used for water bottles!)

...And, when you see how easy waterproofing is, yes, well..I, at least felt rather silly for not having that one figured out before I saw it! :)

So, Happy Hydrating, Happy Printing!

Note: Could come in handy at parties for bottles, plastic cups, and/or cans as well...just leave a sharpy and the tape gun beside the stack of printed and cut labels (or have them in the kitchen for the adults to mark the youngster's drinks.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Best "POP" Ever! Printable Soda Sleeve For Dad!

"POP" Soda Sleeve

Isn't that just sweet?
What a really cute Father's Day gift idea!

 FYI Father's Day is the 3rd Sunday in June each year (here in the USA).

As you can see from the label picture (without can), there is a "Nutritional Facts" chart.  I am sure that this was what sold me on the whole thing!  Two thumbs way up to Alison at!!!

Following this link will not only lead you to the place to download this, it also gives pretty clear directions and a little back ground info about where the idea came from! (I love the personal touches!)

Note: If your "Pop" drinks "ZERO" soda's, this would even blend in with the can! :)

Happy Printing!

Train Themed Birthday Party Goodies

Today I stumbled over these super awesome choo-choo train birthday party stuffs at    There are (as shown below) cupcake toppers, bottle labels, (not shown below) invitations, and "thank you" medallions.

This set of pictures shows the bottle labels on what looks to be an old milk bottle, but on mini-water bottles, or even affixed to side of a 2-litter, or on your Kool-Aid picture and then others on paper cups would still be just as cute! :)

Stephanie's Finished Product Gallery (04/22/2014)

These are a few of the things that I have put together from a few of my favorite posts.  Links to the project page is listed to the side. :)


This one was just a precursor for what is to come, kind of like my rough draft.   I was just wanting to see how hard it was.  I used PowerPoint to edit and it was really easy!


This is in a corner and was sort of hard to get a full-length picture of, but it is really super cute! Denver is now 86 cm or 33.9 in. tall today! :)  You may not be able to see it, but there is a ladybug tag-thingy (included in download) marking that number and I wrote the date on it.  This project made me truly happy! :)  Note: This has very tight corners at the head area of the bear that have to be cut out carefully! Its big and the instructions are pretty intense! But I do not regret the effort! .......Please don't tell the people at Canon, but I shave off 20 minutes and a lot of stress by lining up the pieces by "eye balling" them and using tape instead of a tooth pick, glue and a straight edge.  I know, shamefully lazy right?  I have a toddler, I do what I can, when I can, as quickly as I can!

I have done other things, but these are my favorites! :) Please feel free to email me pics of the projects that you have found here at, (give me the good, the bad, and/or ugly, let's have fun together) and I will share them too! :)


Send pics to Stephanie :

Wind, Lightning, Kites, Ben Franklin Learning Collections, Oh My!

Here in my old Kentucky home (literally, it's old) I have woke to the sounds of wind and lightning more times in the past few weeks than I care to mention.  Twice now my lights have  been out for an hour or more, and today is very overcast so I am not sure how long the juice will stay on today.  All of this being said, when I was looking for something to blog about today I though..hmm...BEN FRANKLIN! The genius  with a key and kite, the father of electricity and much, much more.

I wasn't sure what all I would be able to find that was both "free" and "printable", but the internet love's "free & printable Ben"! (Except for when it's his face and it's on money, we have older post free-printable-play-money-beware which will give you more insight on that one.)  Back to the subject at hand; I found a wealth of great teaching aids on the life, accomplishments, quotes, inventions, etc. of Mr. Benjamin Franklin.  I have several links listed below to several different websites, grab up a copy of all of them! :)

These first two will go hand in hand, but I must warn that one is a downloadable digital presentation telling of the life and times of Benjamin Franklin, the other is a timeline that can be filled in as the presentation goes is played.  Here are the links for those: Digital Presentation B.F. Timeline , Timeline Worksheet.

The next item up for grabs is a The Animated Hero Classics Resource and Activity Book. This is based on the popular PBS cartoon series "Liberty's Kids".  It is a 40-something page printable activity book with Parent & Teacher Resource pages.  I love this!!!

Here are directions for making a "Putting Together Benjamin Franklin" kite.  This is cute interactive craft that has opening panels and and is sure to make learning fun!

The second to last things that I am listing are all from the same place,  These are all separate links to black lettering on white page quotes from the man himself, and they have life lessons that I believe are worth posting on the bulletin board ALL year round! :)

Ben Quote #1         

Ben Quote #2

Ben Quote #3

And lastly, a cute Kite Puzzle brought to us by It's just a print, cute, fit together piece, easy-peezy.  Great for all ages! :)

Happy Day, Happy Teaching, Happy Learning,  Happy Printing! :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Zen Tangles For Begginers

I am posting to links below.  Both links lead to pages that make learning the art of ZEN TANGLING tangible for even the most many-thumbed of us.

Learning Zen Tangle Waves

Learning the Art of Zen Tangle

Both are fairly simple to follow with pictures to guide you.  To print the pages of directions without printing the whole page simply right click the image and "save as".

Good Luck To You All! :)

(I am going to try to make the pretty flower at the bottom of the page from the second link, so wish me luck too!)

Beautiful Free Printable Antique North America Map (circa. 1652)

WoW! The things that this could be used for are limitless!  This is a gorgeous antique map of North America said to be from the year 1652.  It comes from the days pre-Lewis and Clark, note that most of the NW is a blank, and California as well as the bottom half of Florida are islands! Awesome! :)  Finds like this make me smile!

This map is so stunning that it could easily be printed and matted to be hung as a lovely piece of wall art.  This could be a part of a history lesson for my homeschool moms out there, for any history teacher for that matter!  Scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, done up as a book cover, edited to make stationary...this royalty free image is to awesome for words and with more potential uses than I have words!  :)

There are directions on the left hand side of the page for how to save, but to save you the time of having to look for said directions (it's hard to take your eyes off of the map) I will tell you that it's as simple as finding the image (this one is the second image on the page, the other is lovely too), right clicking and "save image as".  Have fun with this one!


Vintage Uber Cute Blogger Business Cards (4 Designs)

Everyone knows that I have a small "blog crush" on Free Pretty Things For You.  Keren Dukes is always coming up with some of the most adorable vintage style printables and for every need (or real close to it!)  Recently Keren from became a new member of the highly respected Shabby Blogs; a big congrats to her! :) 

vintage style business cards, birds business cards
Anyhow, as I was digging around this morning I found these wonderful BUSINESS CARDS FOR BLOGGERS that Keren put up for grabs over at  There are 4 designs, all downloaded at the same time.  When you click to download it will take you to a mediafire page where it will ask you to login or sign up.  I did neither.  I just pressed the "DOWNLOAD" button and that was that, the zipfile that they came in was small and it took no time.  These are text-blank cards that you open in whatever editing program you have and add your information. Pretty simple, even for a beginner like me.  

Thanks again Keren! And thank you all for stopping by! :)


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